How to organize a bachelorette party

It has always been said that the bachelorette party is prepared by the best friend of the bride. A tradition that will last forever! When a friend marries, it’s usually a massive event. Not only do you have to think about the dress, makeup, hairstyle, etc. The best friend has to also make room in her head for the bachelorette party. You will have to get your thinking cap on because the best thing would be for the bachelorette to be surprised at everything that happens for her on her Bachelorette weekend. We have put together a quick step by step guide on how to organize a bachelorette party.


Steps to organizing a bachelorette party:


Guest list

Nashlorette Off the wagon Tours

The most important thing, in any event, is the organization. You'll have to think of who can go to the bachelorette party. Make a list with all the possible friends that the girlfriend has. Do not forget that the bride could also have sister/s, a mother, mother in law (To Be) and relatives who will be interested in sharing this day. This is a good excuse to be a facebook stalker and find the contact information on her family and friends that you may not have met before.



First rule of the budget… The Bride Never Pays!!! Second, be wary of over spending as there could be people in your list who just cant afford to be apart of the grand weekend. What we have found at Nashlorette, is that on average, individuals are spending between $500 -$800 for a bachelorette weekend. That’s taking into account: flights, accommodation, eating out and pitching in for the Bride To Be.



Nashlorette Bachelorette Party Tank Tops.jpg

Whether a large group or a smaller Bachelorette Party, everyone can feel included by providing matching Bachelorette attire. Whether that’s shirts, tank tops or even sashes! A great way is to provide the Bride a white shirt or tank top and the rest of the group in her favorite color. Gold and Rose Gold foiling fonts are the current trends… I mean who doesn’t love a little sparkle.



Unless youre lucky enough to have a long weekend for the Bachelorette party, a good length of stay is 2- 3 nights. We have found a lot of our groups come in on Thursday evening or Friday and leave late Sunday so they have as much time partying the weekend away with the Bride. Also, some hotels will give a discounted rate to larger groups staying for 3 days or more. Be sure to reach out to the hotel of your choice to get the best offer.


Party Ideas:


Breakfast in bed

Let us feed you

This can be a great way to make the Bride To Be feel extra special if you bring her breakfast in bed. A cheap way is for everyone to get involved by making something delightful, but if most of you are not great in the kitchen, then why not hire an in home chef to stop by and create a wonderful Breakfast experience for everyone!  



City Tours Mixed with Drinking and Tunes!

Off the wagon Tours

These days, most major cities have some great ways to explore the area. Nashville has the Off The Wagon Tours, Las Vegas has Party Tours Vegas, Milwaukee has the Pedal Taverns and the list goes on. Why not research a fun and memorable tour when selecting your Bachelorette destination.


Room Decoration:

Bachelorette balloon Banner

If any member of your group arrives to the accommodation before the Bride arrives, then why not get them to do some quick decorating? By throwing some pink, black, gold and white balloons around her room, hanging some streamers, spreading some confetti and stringing out a Balloon Banner will make her room spectacular! Something she will never forget.


What ever you do, be sure to do things the Bride is comfortable with. Some ladies are not into the strippers and the kinky sex toy parties, which is totally fine and some ladies are! If you truly are the best friend of the Bride, then we have no doubt that what ever you do, you will be great at organizing the best Bachelorette party ever!

Eat, Dance and Indulge

This weeks Eat, Dance and Indulge brings you three more of our favorite places around Nashville, that are bachelorette friendly. 

Seared Scallops from Silo

Seared Scallops from Silo

1) Eat - First on the list is Silo. Located on the corner of Madison Street and 5th Ave, this 'elevated southern style cuisine' is a fantastic place to dine for Dinner or brunch on Sundays. They have specialty items like their Hot Chicken from their bar menu and their 'to die for' bacon-caramel popcorn. They also have a mouth watering selection of entree meals to choose from that will satisfy the taste buds of everyone in your bachelorette party. Happy hour is everyday from 4-6pm and is a great way to start the night off. 

Even the bartenders and hosts get involved with the performances

Even the bartenders and hosts get involved with the performances

2) Dance - Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar: Located in Downtown Nashville, the Big Bang is Nashville's only dueling piano bar. Its known to many locals to be one of the funnest places to go when you take out of town guest to the Downtown area. Its fun, high energy environment is very contagious and will have the most hermit of people come out of their shells. The talented pianist will have everyone on their feet dancing the night away and the skilled bartenders will have your taste buds dancing on the tip of your tongue. VIP tables are the best way to have the best experience possible, with tables starting at $50 per person. 

Nashlorette Goo Goo Cluster

3) Indulge - GooGoo Cluster: A true Nashville native that has stood against the test of time, is a delicious candy that mixes milk chocolate, caramel, peanuts and gooey marshmallow nougat. Today, the Goo Goo Store (which is located downtown) boasts many different flavors and varieties of candy that is going to have your sweet tooth in pure bliss.

We recommend booking ahead of time to Silo and/or the Big Bang Dueling Piano bar to avoid disappointment. For more information or more helpful ideas, visit our blog page at or click here get a list of our exclusive deals.