Best murals around Nashville.

When you think Nashville, then of course you think country music... but did you ever think that Nashville boasts some great murals as well? We have lots of groups always asking us about some of the different murals that they see on social media posts and want to get a photo in front of them, so we decided to list our favorite murals around the city. 

Nashlorette Wing Mural

1) The Angel Wings - Located on 11th Ave in the Gulch, this is one of the most popular murals to get your photo with. Its that popular that you will probably have to wait 15-20 minutes in line just to get a selfie with it. To avoid these lines, we suggest getting there in the morning.








I believe in Nashville Mural

2) I Believe In Nashville - This is one of Nashville most iconic murals, which is located in the 12 South area. If you're accommodation is not out that way, then we strongly suggest you stick around and check out some of the local restaurants and boutique shops and make a day of it.



3) The White and Blue - While you're all in the 12 South area, you may as well venture over to this mural as well. Simple, easy and will always make a good back drop for your selfie.

Blue White Nashville
East Nashville Mural

4) East Nashville Mural - If you're staying on the East side, then we suggest making a quick stop to snap a pic with this one. Its in the hip and happening side of Nashville, so grab a drink from one of the local bars in the area as well.

DCXV's Stay Tuned

5) DCXV's Stay Tuned - Another East Nashville Mural, that is only a couple blocks away from the above East Nashville Mural. And now you can literally walk across the street to the Family Wash for a drink between Mural pics.

The above murals are our favorites, but please remember there are lots more around Nashville and its surrounding areas. We would love to hear from you and share with us your favorites with your Bachelorette Party. Tag us @nashlorette on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Let Us Feed You!!!

Nashlorette Bachelorette Eggs

The best thing about eating out at a nice restaurant is the fact that you don't have to cook, the waiter or waitress serves you drinks all night and you're usually with good company. Well, we have found something a little better! If you and your bachelorette group are lucky enough to be all staying in an Airbnb together, then why not get an in home chef to come and prepare those exact meals in the luxury of your own place. 

Sean Ragusa head chef at Let Us Feed You

Let Us Feed You offer that exact service. They cater for groups large or small and bring you a customized meal plan for you and your guests. The master chef of Let Us Feed You, Sean Ragusa, spent 20 years of his life as a fire fighter before pursuing his career in cooking. He served under several different head chefs (some being James Beard award winning chefs) before starting his own business as a personal/private chef.  

Sean says there are no limits when it comes to designing you meal plan, so if you're in the mood for some Nashville hot chicken or some traditional Italian dishes he can make it. If you're just wanting a brunch menu prepared for the Sunday after your big night out on Broadway he can make it. If you're looking for a great BBQ dish with some southern baked pies he can make it.

To learn more about Sean's home cooked meals, visit his website at


What's better than a wedding photographer?

Market research says that there are over 2 Million weddings each year. That's means most of those weddings included a DJ or Band, Wedding Cake, Officiants, Ring Bearers, Ushers, Caterers, Wedding Planners, Photographers, Videographers, Flowers, Party Favors and the list goes on and on. What I am trying to get at is that most weddings these days are very generic, so why not add a little difference to yours and make memories stand out with Live Event Painting?

Nashlorette Paint Your Event

Heidi Schwartz is a well known artist in the Nashville area. She has been "Painting Your Event" for years now and has a cult following on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. You can follow her on instagram @paintyourevent.

Visual art has long been the perfect method of encapsulating a moment. Heidi Schwartz has taken this age-old tradition and applied it to modern events. Using brushes and paint as her quill, Schwartz captures the narratives of weddings, banquets, and corporate events as they take place. The charm and elegance of a live painter both creates ambiance and provides guests with a topic of cultural conversation. Paintings are gifted to the bride and groom or CEO as a memento that is timeless and totally unique. Schwartz's interpretive creativity has enriched events from 5 star hotels to the warmth of the family living room.

Bachelorette Paint Your Event

Heidi, not only does weddings but also family gatherings, corporate events and even Bachelorette parties. Heidi can be contacted at or at


Top 10 Things To Do In Nashville for Bachelorette Parties

Nashville is America's fastest growing city for Bachelorette Parties. Not only is it known for Downtown Honky Tonks and Southern Style Hot Chicken, it boasts many activities that you and your party crew can do.

Here is a top 10 list of things to do in Nashville for your Bachelorette weekend.

10 - Nashville Sounds Baseball - Enjoy the ambiance of the newest addition to Nashville. Built near the city limits, it's an easy walk from any downtown hotel. A fun and entertaining way to kick off the night with a few drinks and some good old fashion American Baseball

 9 - Fontanel Concerts - The Fontanel is home to one of the most relaxing and intimate outdoor music venues you will ever experience. Host to many great artists, such as, Bryan Adams, Amos Lee, David Gray and Brian Wilson. This one experience you don't want to pass up.

 8 - Sip N Cycle - They say once you have been on one pedal tavern, you've been on them all. Well that's not the case here. Sip N Cycle not only has a your own personal driver, but you also get your very own Bartender. Both the driver and bartender have extended knowledge of the best areas to go after your work out to make sure the rest of the night is just as fun as the one you just experienced.

 7 - Printers Alley - Home to Blues, Jazz and Karaoke... oh not to mention Rascal Flatts. This is a great little area to visit. Its located 3 blocks north of Broadway Ave. Did I also mention that it has the cheapest prices for drinks?

 6 - Jack Daniels Distillery - Probably the most well known Whiskey in the world, Jack brings you a unique experience into his world of Whiskey making. The little guy knows good whiskey and will allow you to sample it, providing you're over 21. Sorry kiddies.

 5 - Boutique Shopping - Nashville has some of the best shopping at affordable prices. Girls, bring your walking shoes cause this will be a case of 'Shop Til You Drop'

 4 - Moonshine Distillery - What could be better than being involved in some real life moonshine. The guys at Short Mountain have some funny stories to share while they give you a tour of their distillery. Why not finish the tour off with a great lunch and a view to die for.

3 - Green Brier Distillery/Marathon Village Tour - It has been said that Green Brier had a better reputation in the day than what Jack Daniels had when Prohibition hit and the booze all dried up. Unfortunately the founder died and the recipe was lost for decades until 2 brothers found their Granddaddy's formula to make one of the smoothest tasting bourbons around.

 2 - Columbia Wineries - Tennessee doesn't spring to mind when someone asks about origins of great wine. But when you have multiple award winning wineries in one area, word will travel quickly, so why not get in early and see what all the local fuss is about.

 1 - Bachelorette of Fine Arts - One of Nashville's newest activities for Bachelorettes. Get your girlfriends and enjoy a few bottles of wine and appetizers while painting a tanned, buffed male model IN THE NUDE! This is one experience you need to try while in the great city of Nashville.


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