Jack Daniels Tour for Bachelorettes

Jack Daniels Tour for your Bachelorette Party

If you plan to go to Nashville for your bachelorette party then one of the things you should do is take the Jack Daniels tour. Spending a day at Jack Daniels Distillery will be something unique and fun. There are not many places in the south which offer such whisky tasting tours. Over the years, Jack Daniels distillery has structured its tours so that visitors not only get to taste the different types of whisky but also get to know about the history of the place. Jack Daniels is reputed to be an excellent whisky because over the years Jack mastered the art of whisky making to perfection.

Jack Daniel Distillery is located about 90 minutes away from Nashville in the historic town of Lynchburg. The tasting tour is just less than 2 hours in length but after the tour it is highly recommended you spend some time in the town. The downtown area has many exotic gift shops, cafes and restaurants- and do not be surprised that most food places have a touch of Jack Daniels in their recipes. If you love southern style food, then you will love the downtown eateries. The actual trip to Lynchburg goes through some of the beautiful countryside of Tennessee. At the distillery there is a guided tour where you learn about the history of the place and then get to taste the different types of whisky. Almost everyone in town has some type of history with the distillery and thus, no matter where you go, you will be provided with fascinating anecdotes about the man and his alcohol.

Today, some hotels and websites offer tours to the Distillery so that you will not have to do any paper work or make any phone calls. You just let the driver take you to Lynchburg and enjoy the rest of the day.

Jack Daniels Distillery is the oldest registered distillery in the country. Even though Moore County is still a dry county- meaning there is no place that can sell you alcoholic beverages, you can still buy a whisky bottle at the distillery to take home with you.

Even if you do not drink alcohol, a visit to Lynchburg is worth a visit. The town offers a glimpse at the history of whisky making 150 years ago, plus, there are some great places in Lynchburg where you can dine on some delicious barbecued ribs. The trip is fun; the people of Lynchburg are warm and they all go out of their way to make sure you have an enjoyable day. Just getting to feel the southern charm alone is a great reason to visit Lynchburg.

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