How to organize a bachelorette party

It has always been said that the bachelorette party is prepared by the best friend of the bride. A tradition that will last forever! When a friend marries, it’s usually a massive event. Not only do you have to think about the dress, makeup, hairstyle, etc. The best friend has to also make room in her head for the bachelorette party. You will have to get your thinking cap on because the best thing would be for the bachelorette to be surprised at everything that happens for her on her Bachelorette weekend. We have put together a quick step by step guide on how to organize a bachelorette party.


Steps to organizing a bachelorette party:


Guest list

Nashlorette Off the wagon Tours

The most important thing, in any event, is the organization. You'll have to think of who can go to the bachelorette party. Make a list with all the possible friends that the girlfriend has. Do not forget that the bride could also have sister/s, a mother, mother in law (To Be) and relatives who will be interested in sharing this day. This is a good excuse to be a facebook stalker and find the contact information on her family and friends that you may not have met before.



First rule of the budget… The Bride Never Pays!!! Second, be wary of over spending as there could be people in your list who just cant afford to be apart of the grand weekend. What we have found at Nashlorette, is that on average, individuals are spending between $500 -$800 for a bachelorette weekend. That’s taking into account: flights, accommodation, eating out and pitching in for the Bride To Be.



Nashlorette Bachelorette Party Tank Tops.jpg

Whether a large group or a smaller Bachelorette Party, everyone can feel included by providing matching Bachelorette attire. Whether that’s shirts, tank tops or even sashes! A great way is to provide the Bride a white shirt or tank top and the rest of the group in her favorite color. Gold and Rose Gold foiling fonts are the current trends… I mean who doesn’t love a little sparkle.



Unless youre lucky enough to have a long weekend for the Bachelorette party, a good length of stay is 2- 3 nights. We have found a lot of our groups come in on Thursday evening or Friday and leave late Sunday so they have as much time partying the weekend away with the Bride. Also, some hotels will give a discounted rate to larger groups staying for 3 days or more. Be sure to reach out to the hotel of your choice to get the best offer.


Party Ideas:


Breakfast in bed

Let us feed you

This can be a great way to make the Bride To Be feel extra special if you bring her breakfast in bed. A cheap way is for everyone to get involved by making something delightful, but if most of you are not great in the kitchen, then why not hire an in home chef to stop by and create a wonderful Breakfast experience for everyone!  



City Tours Mixed with Drinking and Tunes!

Off the wagon Tours

These days, most major cities have some great ways to explore the area. Nashville has the Off The Wagon Tours, Las Vegas has Party Tours Vegas, Milwaukee has the Pedal Taverns and the list goes on. Why not research a fun and memorable tour when selecting your Bachelorette destination.


Room Decoration:

Bachelorette balloon Banner

If any member of your group arrives to the accommodation before the Bride arrives, then why not get them to do some quick decorating? By throwing some pink, black, gold and white balloons around her room, hanging some streamers, spreading some confetti and stringing out a Balloon Banner will make her room spectacular! Something she will never forget.


What ever you do, be sure to do things the Bride is comfortable with. Some ladies are not into the strippers and the kinky sex toy parties, which is totally fine and some ladies are! If you truly are the best friend of the Bride, then we have no doubt that what ever you do, you will be great at organizing the best Bachelorette party ever!

Top 3 Bachelorette Destinations in US

If you are not a traditional girlfriend and want to say goodbye to your life as a single person, look for a different destination. But do you know the places with more glamour, charm or atmosphere to celebrate an unforgettable bachelorette party? The important thing is to choose a site that goes with the style of the bride and that allows spending it in a big way. To contribute to the organization, and to ease your task a bit, we have selected for you some great destinations for a memorable bachelorette party.


What are the best destinations for bachelorette parties?


The fun of Miami, United States

Miami Nashlorette.jpg

This is a great destination for your bachelorette party if you are a Bride-To-Be. Miami is the city of Florida that has it all:  beautiful beaches, white sands, transparent waters, sun and also a fantastic nightlife. If you want to say goodbye to the bachelor with style and fun, you will have a great time in this city. Do not forget the Happy Hour: not only are the mid-afternoon cocktails included, which will contribute to your fun; they will also considerably lower the dinner costs. This way you will have the best spirit to dance and dance until the day surprises you.



Mural Nashlorette



If you are a Bride-To-Be, visit Nashville with your friends and family and see what the city has to offer for your bachelorette party. Nashville has been gaining fame thanks to all their activities. You can find from southern food, to live music that you can enjoy in almost any time thanks to its warm climate. Activities such as the Off The Wagon downtown tours, Crawl of Fame, Johnny Cash museum and visits to the Grand Ole Opry. What you may not know is that Nashville is legendary as a destination for the BEST of the best bachelorette parties!



The fantasy of New York, United States

New York Nashlorette.jpg

The series Sex in New York has been the inspiration of many women. Many fantasize with the possibility of being for a few days, or a few hours, one of the protagonists of the series. Why not? After all, it's your bachelorette party, that's why we have selected this city as a fantastic destination to celebrate it. Not only can you drink a colorful cosmopolitan and enjoy everything that the big apple offers you. You can also see one of the very good shows of Broadway, visit the Bohemian Sojo or go to a concert at the picturesque Greenwich Village. With the perfect Nashlorette, you are guaranteed to have an amazing bachelorette party in New York.



The most important thing about your bachelorette party is that you can enjoy 100% of the place you decide to visit with the women closest to you. This last trip before your marriage should be full of fun and unforgettable experiences that remain forever in your mind.

Best murals around Nashville.

When you think Nashville, then of course you think country music... but did you ever think that Nashville boasts some great murals as well? We have lots of groups always asking us about some of the different murals that they see on social media posts and want to get a photo in front of them, so we decided to list our favorite murals around the city. 

Nashlorette Wing Mural

1) The Angel Wings - Located on 11th Ave in the Gulch, this is one of the most popular murals to get your photo with. Its that popular that you will probably have to wait 15-20 minutes in line just to get a selfie with it. To avoid these lines, we suggest getting there in the morning.








I believe in Nashville Mural

2) I Believe In Nashville - This is one of Nashville most iconic murals, which is located in the 12 South area. If you're accommodation is not out that way, then we strongly suggest you stick around and check out some of the local restaurants and boutique shops and make a day of it.



3) The White and Blue - While you're all in the 12 South area, you may as well venture over to this mural as well. Simple, easy and will always make a good back drop for your selfie.

Blue White Nashville
East Nashville Mural

4) East Nashville Mural - If you're staying on the East side, then we suggest making a quick stop to snap a pic with this one. Its in the hip and happening side of Nashville, so grab a drink from one of the local bars in the area as well.

DCXV's Stay Tuned

5) DCXV's Stay Tuned - Another East Nashville Mural, that is only a couple blocks away from the above East Nashville Mural. And now you can literally walk across the street to the Family Wash for a drink between Mural pics.

The above murals are our favorites, but please remember there are lots more around Nashville and its surrounding areas. We would love to hear from you and share with us your favorites with your Bachelorette Party. Tag us @nashlorette on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


The Big Bang.... Nashville's version

Music City, USA is home to some great local and international music artists. Its also the home of Country Music, which dominates the airwaves and local bars. So how does a dueling piano bar survive against these Honky Tonks and bars?... With a rotation of talented Pianists and great cover songs, which keeps the party goers on their feet dancing the night away.

Big Bang Dance Floor!!!

Big Bang Dance Floor!!!

Spending the night at Nashville Big Bang Dueling Piano bar, is a great way to get the party started and keeping it going. You and your group will find yourselves dancing and singing to songs like Wannabe by the Spice Girls, Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond, Living on a Prayer By Bon Jovi and plenty more. If there is a song you want to hear then simply tip the guys or gals performing up on stage and request a song. There will be even a time to get the 'Bride To Be' up on stage to shake what her mamma gave her. 

Bachelorettes up on stage!!!

Bachelorettes up on stage!!!

Big Bang offers VIP seating for small or large groups. This includes VIP admission (no line, no cover), front row seating, 1 round of light-up specialty shots, 1 bottle of champagne, gratuity on first round, 1 appetizer, 1 call-down to the stage for the guest of honor, and 1 Bang This tee-shirt, tank top, or pair of panties for the guest of honor. Click here to find out more

Bar staff getting involved with the party

Bar staff getting involved with the party

Check out some more pics and information here