Nashville Tricks and Tips for your Bachelorette Party

There is always an element of excitement when visiting a new city, especially one that has such a great reputation of "Good Times" like Nashville, and like any city you visit there's always a want for knowledge of the great places to see, foods to try and things to do. Well, that's what I'm going to disclose to you right now. Nashville has some hidden downtown gems and also some great 'Bachelorette hacks' to make your celebrations that little more exciting. 

Tootsies, The Stage and Legends Bar

Once you step off the plane and collect your bags, order an Uber or Lyft to pick you and your group up. It hands down the cheapest way to get to the downtown area from the Airport. Both Uber and Lyft drivers are stationed in the waiting area which is literally 30 seconds around the corner from the terminal so do not order one until you all have your bags. Once you all have collected your luggage, take the escalators down to the ground level and make your way across the street to the undercover short term parking area, your driver will be there shortly to pick you up.

Nashville has a great selection of downtown hotels to choose from. Because Nashville is such a great place to visit, a lot of the hotels have higher price tags which can turn a lot of people off. Hotels like the Omni, Hilton and Westin can have prices starting at $400 per night. Sheraton, Hilton Garden Inn and Hotel Indigo can be $350 and up. The cheapest is usually the Capitol Hotel, which can be as low as $300 per night but has only a 3 star rating. What we have found is that most of our groups are all friends and/or family and don't mind sharing rooms and beds, so if you can get 4 girls per room this will significantly bring down the rate per person. But be aware, that some hotels will charge an extra person fee when you have multiple people in the room.

Partying Downtown

When partying downtown, you will find that most people want to party at Tootsie's, The Stage, Legends Bar and Roberts Western World. These are all great places, with roof top bars and live music happening all day and all night. The problem is that there is always a line to get into these places, so "Bachelorette Hack" number 1... use the back door. Most 'out of towners' don't know of this trick. There is an alley between these bars and the Ryman Auditorium, which will have little or no line at all. Voila!!! You've skipped the lines and partying like a local. 

Nashville is growing a reputation for making great food dishes, but you can find yourselves waiting a while for a table if you don't get in early or if you don't have a reservation. We recommend that once you book your accommodation, you do the same with your dinner reservations. You may find some places don't take reservations or don't have the space for larger groups... but do not worry, Nashville has so many great restaurants that you will always find something that will suit everyone's needs. For larger groups we recommend Skullz, Etch, The Farm House and Merchants. For smaller groups we recommend Pub5, Pucketts, The Palm and the Fin and Pearl (Located in the Gulch)

So there you have it, some local tips from a local Nashvillian. If you want anymore information on things to do and see, please contact us at and we will be more than happy to help.