6 Things to do for the Classy Bachelorette Party

So we all know of the tacky penis straws, the penis cupcakes and all other things that you can make that involves penises. But what about for those of us who don't want anything tacky attached to our Bachelorette Party. Well, Nashlorette has the answers. Here is Nashlorette's Top 6 Classy things to do for your Bachelorette Party in Nashville.

1 - The Bachelorette Of Fine Arts - All though there is nudity, the Bachelorette of Fine Arts (BFA) is a drawing class that masters the finer points of your drawing technique. Groups come into the class drawing stick figures and walking out with Picasso drawings... well close enough, anyway. You'll begin the class with a glass of wine, some appetizers and an introduction from your private teacher of an overview of the nights proceedings. This is definitely a unique and fun experience.