The cheapest city for a bachelorette party?

Times are tough these days and with the poor economy, everyone is trying to save money. There are plenty of brides-to-be wondering where they can go for a cheap but fun bachelorette party getaway. Most of the major cities in the USA are not only prohibitively expensive but also crowded and not safe, taking the fun out of any enjoyment.

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For women who are thinking of a great place to have a bachelorette party and which is also very affordable come to Music City. Nashville is one of the cheapest destinations for bachelorette parties in North America.

The first thing all females should know is that Nashville has been voted one of the most friendly and easy going cities in America.

Nashville is also a mecca for nightlife and restaurants. Unlike most other cities in the USA, Nashville is relatively cheap in terms of hotels and food. In fact, many clubs and hotels offer inclusive bachelorette package deals which include your meals and entertainment and for bachelorette parties. Not only do you get more bang for your dollars while staying in fancy hotels, you will also get top-notch service from the moment you arrive.

Next to music, Nashville is a hub for all types of exotic cuisine; there are hundreds of great cafes and restaurants all over the city, which offer dishes that, can satisfy almost any taste buds and budget.

Nashville is also one of the cleanest and safest cities in the US. The city has an excellent reputation for order. Furthermore, it is very rare for anyone to get arrested in Nashville for partying, but that does not mean you can break the law. Please don’t try to prove me wrongJ.

In other words, Nashville has everything that one wants in a destination for a party- from southern style country music to the outrageous parties you can envision. The combination of southern friendliness and affordability makes Nashville one of the best destinations for a getaway bachelorette party.

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The geography of Nashville is also favorable; the weather is usually warm and the place is easy to access from all over the US. There are not that many cities that can match the year around warm weather of Nashville and still offer you some of the best music, endless festivals and superb nightlife. Whatever you want in a party destination, Nashville has it.