Top Tips for visiting Nashville

What to do in Nashville for a bachelorette party?

Most people are not aware that Nashville is fast becoming the party town in the south. Anyone who is thinking of having a bachelorette party in Nashville will most definitely not be disappointed. Not only is Nashville very affordable, but it also offers many thrills for girls who simply want to get away for the weekend. Asides from the assured wild wickedness, Nashville does offer a touch of class, pomp and etiquette when having a great time.

Famous for its southern charm, Nashville can offer a memorable and an unforgettable bachelorette weekend in a classy way.

The place to stay in Nashville is the downtown. While slightly expensive, the hotels are trendy, chic and offer many types of inclusive package party deals. Many great hotels are within a block of Broadway Street, which is the center hub for famous shops, nightlife and great restaurants.

Nashville is a gastronomic capital and while there are exotic dishes in fancy hotels, try some local foods because this is where Nashville thrives. Before you rush to eat something, stop briefly at Holland House Bar or Pinewood Social for some upscale drinking. After you have tasted some southern beverages, there are many restaurants downtown that offer down to earth delicious food. A crowd favorite is the Rold & Daugghers, which offers a combination of Southern and European cuisine. If you are looking for something with classic southern flavors, try Delish dinner at Silo, Urban Grub, Monell’s or the Husk.

After a good night’s sleep, try some hearty breakfast at loveless Café or The Southern Steak & Oyster where you can energize yourself with some great coffee and desserts.

Nashville has tons of daytime activities some of which are a must.

Go for the Nashlorette Honky Tonk Bar Crawl which offers guided tours to some of Nashville’s best bars. If you still have the energy, the ‘’Sip N Cycle Pedal Tavern Tour’’ is the way to go. This unique experience has you pedaling around the city, while enjoying a few drinks and getting a  tour of Downtown Broadway. If you are up early the next day do not miss Nashville’s gorgeous Centennial Park where there is an abundance of music, food trucks, family friendly dancing and ample fresh air.

If shopping is your thing, hit the Nashlorette Boutique Tour where you can pick some country style clothing or boots for the night out.

If you want more action, then go see one of the hottest teams in the NHL, the Nashville Predators. If you plan on being in Nashville when the Preds are playing, we definitely recommend taking your group there for a night of fun and excitement... who knows you could get your face on the big screen ;)

To be thoroughly entertained at night, go to Tootsies or The Stage. Here you will hopefully see some of the future Honky Tonk stars of tomorrow. Finally, if you love country and dancing just hit Broadway where you will enjoy a true party atmosphere.

Whether you are coming to Nashville just to relax or have fun, the city has something for everyone. While music city maybe lacking the glamor of NYC or LA, it more than make up for this with friendly people, great service and tons of southern charm.

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